Determined to be an industry leader, Parthena Cosmetics developed a world-class skin-care line, and is still going strong after 8.5 years. Each shred of technology to enhance products is relentlessly sought out and scrutinized. Those approved are scrupulously developed and utilized by Parthena, ensuring their products continually evolve so as to garner a larger and larger customer base.

History of Parthena Cosmetics

Francesca Milano, Regional Sales Manager, launched MAC Cosmetics into Nordstrom's, California, and Jorge Castellanos, National Trainer for Visage Beauté-REVLON founded Parthena Cosmetics in 1994. Francesca and Jorge synthesized decades of business pragmatism, creativity, virtuosity and energy. Choosing only the finest technical and most gifted creative specialists in the world, they successfully mesh avant garde and elegance to personify Parthena Cosmetics.

Parthena began with four products developed by this magical collaboration, alongside their chemists, specifically to address the needs of women losing their youthful appearance. The finest available ingredients was not enough; immediate visible results were necessary. Once achieved, the products were marketed on an earlier national home shopping network. In mid-1997, Parthena joined "The Home Shopping Network" (HSN), to quickly become their fastest growing cosmetic line.

What Propels Parthena Cosmetics Now?

Due to its hundreds of customers who have watched their skin's appearance dramatically improve, offers a mere hint of future numbers. Seven years have demonstrated that once using Parthena's line, customers never leave. They are referred to -- including by themselves -- as "Partheniacs."

Because Parthena Cosmetics genuinely understands and considers the myriad skin care problems and needs which begin at adolescence, inevitably continuing through a lifetime, they determined from the start to offer "attainable" solutions to the ever-evolving public market.


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